The Top 3 Reasons Customers Choose Cabinet Refacing

Customers often ask us why they would consider refacing their kitchen rather than just replacing everything with brand new cabinetry. That is a great question, and as someone who has both extensive experience with both refacing and remodeling kitchens I would like to address the issue.

Here are the top reasons I have seen as to why cabinet refacing can be a fantastic alternative to a full-blown (and very expensive) kitchen remodel.

  1. Refacing costs less. A lot less! A kitchen cabinet refacing project typically costs about a third to half of a full kitchen remodeling project. That is a really big savings when you consider kitchen remodels can often cost $30,000 or more.   Also, the cost of your cabinet refacing is predictable, where full gut kitchen remodels typically have some unpleasant, time consuming, and costly surprises.
  2. Refacing your kitchen cabinets is much less disruptive. Quite simply, refacing can be done much faster than a remodel. Our average time on site for a refacing project is only one week.  A kitchen remodel takes a minimum of a month, and oftentimes more.  If you need a good kitchen facelift quickly, refacing wins.
  3. You have granite counters you want to save. Most folks do not want to throw away that beautiful slab of granite they installed a few years ago. Kitchen cabinet refacing gives a perfect way to update the look and functionality of the kitchen while saving the granite countertop.

Here is a refacing project where the customer had a granite countertop and we refaced their cabinets.



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