Snow White and the New Kitchen

We recently completed a nice refacing project in our hometown of Flemington NJ. A lovely couple purchased a house with worn Maple cabinetry and granite counters. The cabinets were perfect for refacing, and the couple selected Snow White materials for their kitchen redo. They decided to convert two of their upper cabinet doors to glass. We also … [Read more...] about Snow White and the New Kitchen

Alaska White meets Bisque

We recently finished a cabinet refacing project in Flemington NJ where we also replaced their countertop and tile backsplash. The entire project took 2 weeks and the results were spectacular. The customers were a delight and absolutely thrilled with the result! We took time to pay attention to the details to give them their dream kitchen. For … [Read more...] about Alaska White meets Bisque

From Dark to Light

When I first saw this kitchen it had dark cherry wood. While the wood was very attractive, it did not suit the space. This townhouse kitchen, located in Flemington NJ,  has very little natural light. The owner wanted to lighten it up, and selected a cabinet refacing in solid white. The color change was quite striking; it brightened the whole space. … [Read more...] about From Dark to Light

Should I paint my cabinets?

Many of my customers ask if I paint kitchen cabinets and doors. They have seen home improvement shows where the kitchen is instantly transformed with wonderful results for a few bucks worth of paint. Unfortunately, the shows do not show the reality of painted cabinets. I frequently reface painted cabinets. My new customer invariably says they were … [Read more...] about Should I paint my cabinets?

Let’s do it all!

We completed a project in Bridgewater NJ which combined refacing, the replacement of a couple of cabinets, installation of a new granite countertop and a tile backsplash. The existing cabinets were solid maple wood and a great candidate for refacing. However, the upper cabinets were sized incorrectly. Someone had installed 42" uppers on a low 84" … [Read more...] about Let’s do it all!

Refacing the Kitchen in an 1800’s colonial

We recently had the pleasure of working with a customer in Hillsborough NJ who lived in an 1800’s colonial. They wanted to save their existing tile counter, but wanted to refresh the look of their cabinets. Cabinet refacing was a great solution for their situation. The existing cabinets had some attractive glass doors, which the customer wanted to … [Read more...] about Refacing the Kitchen in an 1800’s colonial

Color Matching Saves the Day

We recently worked with a customer who was buying a house in Flanders NJ. Its kitchen had beautiful granite counters and a pleasant maple tone. Unfortunately, the cabinet doors were in poor shape. The customer, who has a toddler, wanted an easy to maintain door to match the existing cabinetry. Minimizing the impact of the project was also … [Read more...] about Color Matching Saves the Day

The Top 3 Reasons Customers Choose Cabinet Refacing

Customers often ask us why they would consider refacing their kitchen rather than just replacing everything with brand new cabinetry. That is a great question, and as someone who has both extensive experience with both refacing and remodeling kitchens I would like to address the issue. Here are the top reasons I have seen as to why cabinet … [Read more...] about The Top 3 Reasons Customers Choose Cabinet Refacing